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Kraus Quarza Sink Reviews [With Double Bowl]

Getting the ideal sink for your kitchen is not simple. You have to choose from various brands, materials, styles, and even types. Also, you will have to determine what your needs are and how efficient the sink will be. In this review, our attention will be on one of the best double bowl kitchen sinks on the market – Kraus Quarza KGD-442 Dual mount double bowl kitchen sink.

Kraus is among the leading kitchen sink brands on the market. Aside from sinks, they are also famous for their quality and stylish faucets. Nonetheless, Kraus also manufactures other types of kitchen products and accessories. What makes Kraus unique from its competitors is that they offer high-quality sinks at affordable prices.

The Kraus Quarza KGD-442 Black dual-mount double bowl kitchen is one of their bestselling kitchen sinks. Thanks to the excellent features it provides at a low price. The sink is also durable, spacious, easy to clean, heat-resistant, hygienic, and quiet during use.

If you\’re wondering whether the Kraus Quarza KGD-442Black is the perfect sink for you, continue reading to determine.

Technical Specification:

Features Kraus Quarza KGD-442
Material: Granite composite (Quartz & Acrylic resin)
Color: Black
Installation Type: Dual-mount
Bowl Configuration: Double Bowl
Bowl Depth: 9.5 inches
Sink Dimensions: 33 x 22 x 9.5 inches
Minimum Cabinet Size: 36 inches
Drain Opening Size: 3.5 inches
Included Accessories: Mounting hardware, cutout template, and basket strainer
Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

Features and functions of Kraus Quarza KGD-442 Granite Sink

To understand the Kraus Quarza double bowl sink better, we\’ll take you through its features and their importance. These are as follows:

Sturdy construction

Kraus Quarza KGD-442 Black double bowl kitchen sink is made of premium composite granite material. This includes ultra-durable material made from 80% natural quartz and high-performance acrylic resin. These two materials make the sink durable with the appearance and feel of real stone.

Since the sink is made of composite granite, it\’s durable against natural corrosion, which is a problem with metal sinks. Also, installing the unit might be quite challenging as natural stone is quite heavy.

Overall, granite is the perfect material for a sink as it can be customized according to your kitchen theme. That\’s why the manufacturer offers the Kraus Quarza sink in different colors. These include black, gray, white, brown, and black onyx.

Double bowls

This sink simplifies the work in your kitchen as it comes with two bowls (60/40). The first bowl is for handling large pots and pans, while the second bowl is for washing dishes. Also, you can wash dishes in one bowl and rinse them in another.

Unlike other double bowl sinks, which are inconvenient to use and may cause breakage of delicate dishes, this unit has a low-divide design for convenience. Each basin has a 10-inch high capacity, which is the standard for most kitchen sinks.

Dual mount

Another advantage of having this sink is that it gives you the option of installing it from the top or under the sink. The choice is yours. You can mount it as a drop-in sink into an existing countertop or an under-mount for a seamless transition from the sink to the countertop.

Note that installing the sink by top-mount is much easier than under-mount. Nonetheless, under-mount installation is much easier to maintain and more hygienic. Under-mount installation is also slightly costly as it may require some modifications to be made, unlike drop-in installation.

Quiet operation 

One of the irritating things about utilizing metal sinks is the noise they produce. That\’s why most of them are fitted with soundproof padding to minimize vibrations and noise. But when it comes to stone sinks like this one, noise and vibrations should be the least of your worries. This is because stone naturally absorbs vibrations and minimizes noise. As a result, it is quiet during the washing of dishes, which will give you peace of mind.

Naturally hygienic

Granite is not only quiet in operation, but it\’s also naturally hygienic. Thanks to its non-porous nature make, it resists dirt and grime. Thus, you don\’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning the surface or using abrasive substances to clean the surface. A simple wet washcloth and soapy water are enough to get rid of the grime and dirt on the sink\’s surface.

Beautiful finish

Kraus Quartz also comes in a beautiful white finish that easily blends with most modern kitchens. Nonetheless, buyers have several colors to pick from to match their kitchen décor or appliances. The color does not fade quickly, as it contains UV-stable material that provides a rich and consistent hue. Therefore, your sink will maintain its beautiful appeal for many years.


What makes stone kitchen sinks special is their ability to withstand different temperatures. Whether it\’s heat or cold, stone sinks, such as this one, will be comfortable to use. The sink can withstand high temperatures. Metal sinks cannot withstand such temperatures. When the weather gets cold, the stone’s temperature will not fall excessively, like stainless steel or copper.

Easy to clean

As stated earlier, the Kraus Quarza kitchen sink comes with a non-porous surface that does not absorb grime or dirt. As a result, it makes cleaning easy. You only need a few wipes with soapy water and a wet cloth to clean your sink. For easier maintenance, go for the under-mount sink installation option instead of the top-mount installation.

Lifetime warranty

Kraus has been in the market for many years. They make some of the most reliable and durable kitchens sinks on the market. Additionally, the brand has one of the best reputations when it comes to creating quality sinks. That\’s why they offer a lifetime limited warranty to their customers. You can buy with confidence, knowing that this kitchen sink will last for more than a decade without having a lot of issues.


  • Sturdy construction for longevity
  • It is aesthetically pleasing with a polished finish.
  • Naturally silent
  • Naturally hygienic
  • Easy to clean as germs and dirt do not stick on the surface
  • Easily blends with most modern kitchens.
  • It\’s heat-resistant
  • Inexpensive
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • It develops water spots after some time of use.
  • It is quite heavy to install single-handedly.

Bottom line

Kraus Quarza KGD-442 Black is one of the best double-bowl kitchen sinks on the market. The sink is made from durable materials (quartz & acrylic resin) for longevity. It\’s also scratch and corrosion-resistant, making it easy to maintain. Unlike metal sinks, this unit does not need a unique noise padding material to prevent it from making noise, as it’s naturally quiet.

However, the sink may develop water spots over the years, which is the most significant setback. Overall, it is worth buying this sink as it\’s affordable and can be installed either through top-mount or under-mount. Also, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.


Does this sink scratch quickly like stainless steel sinks?

No, it does not. The Kraus Quarza is made of quartz stone and resins, which are scratch-resistant. As a result, the sink doesn\’t scratch easily, but it may develop water spots.

Does this sink fit on standard kitchen cabinets and countertops?

Yes, it does. The Krause Quarza KGD-442 double bowl sink fits on most standard kitchen countertops and cabinets. This is because it has a minimum base of 36 inches, which is the industry standard. Besides, the manufacturer has included a cutout template for easy installation by either drop-in or under-mount.

Why is my kitchen sink water-black?

When the water in your kitchen sinks turns black, it means that it has a lot of grease, fat, and bacteria contents in it. Some states may classify it as gray water, while others as dark gray water. In places like California, black water is not harvested.

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