Caraway Cookware Review [Colorful Pots & Pans]

Non-stick Cookware is one of the most important parts of a kitchen. Caraway Cookware is changing the old boring kitchen looks by adding vibrant colors while also making sure of the good qualities of the products. Caraway is a new direct-to-consumer brand that produces good-quality ceramic cookware sets that can change both the look and the experience of your kitchen. But before jump into our main Caraway cookware review article, let\’s find out how the cookware company formed.

How Caraway Cookware Company Started

CEO Jordan Nathan founded Caraway in 2018. It is now a New York-based direct-to-consumer startup that is already getting recognition for its Instagram-worthy trendy hues and styles. The founder was looking to create a safer cookware option after facing some toxic fumes accident with a burnt Teflon pan. He wanted a nontoxic and durable cookware, so he went for ceramic coated Cookware that has no PTFE, PFOA, and other PFAs. So they can proudly showcase their tagline, \”Cookware without the chemicals\”. A seed named caraway inspired the cookware name to be Caraway. People used that seed in the savory and sweet delicacies. Just like the spice, Caraway cookware is versatile and necessary in every kitchen.

Ceramic-Coated Caraway Cookware Review 2023

Designs and Styles

Caraway has started a new revolution to change the boring black and silver-colored Cookware and bring some bright colors in to spice up the kitchen. It can instantly add some aesthetic views with its different hues. You can choose from five colors: cream, Perracotta (a blend of terracotta and pink), gray, navy, or sage. As the brand will grow they promise to add on more color options to choose from. The designs are sleek, stylish, and show off worthy also, and the sizes are also perfect to use. They are big enough but also not too bulky.  They are also not as heavy as cast iron pans. This makes handling them easier.

Oven safe

Caraway is obviously oven-safe. But the temperature must not go above 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Everyone can purchase this as most dishes do not need higher temperatures. Some dishes need finishing off in the oven after being cooked on the stove. Caraway cookware is safe to use and handy too because of its perfect size.

Dishwasher Safe

Caraway is not dishwasher safe. Washing in the dishwasher could degrade the coating over time. The experts recommend hand washing the cookware. But the good thing is that it hardly has anything to stick on it. So you can clean it easily with some soapy water and a sponge or a dishcloth. Cleaning with harsh and hard objects can damage the surface.

Heats Up Uniformly

You can use the versatile Caraway cookware on gas, induction, and electric stovetops. The Cookware heats up uniformly, so there is not a single cool spot, and the food cooks evenly. It does not even need high heat, unlike cast iron pans. Little heat can spread all through the pan, making cooking easy and quick.

The Pans Design

The interior of the pan is quite smooth to touch and nonstick, thanks to its multi-layered mineral-based ceramic coating. The unflared rims of the cookware eases up the cooking. They come in various color options to choose from. The pan’s flat bottom distributes heat evenly and can sit on the stovetop or induction easily. The heavy pans indicate that there were good quality materials in it. That makes it harder to chip. The pans also have rounded edges that help while tossing food. The lids sit perfectly on every pan, ensuring good cooking facilities. The helper handle on the sauté pan makes it easier to carry.

Non-Glass Lids

Caraway comes with cast aluminum lids with stainless steel handles. The non-glass lids could avoid accidents if dropped. It is heavy enough with its interlocking system, which makes the lids fit perfectly in place. A small vent is added to the lid to pass the steam and avoid explosions of any kind.

Stainless steel Handles

Caraway Cookware handles are made of stainless steel and are hollow to disperse heat. They are quite large, well-positioned, and easy to grip and hold. As it doesn\’t have any rubber grips, it can get hot if you hold it too close to the heated pan. The unique Y-shaped handle is quite stylish in view, secured with two rivets. The handle contrasts with the vibrant colors of the pan, making it more eye-pleasing to look at. But stainless steel can get hot if put in the oven or used on the burner to get hot after cooking. For safety, oven mitts or dishcloths should be kept close.

Healthy Cooking

Purchasing nonstick Cookware means you can use little to no oil in cooking. But some nonstick cookware uses some harmful materials that can be toxic. Caraway ensures healthy cooking and uses only ceramic coating to make it non-stick. This cookware set\’s coating does not include potentially toxic materials like PTFE, PFOA, other PFAs, cadmium, lead, or toxic metals. We also try not to use any form of hard anodization. It releases up to 60% less CO2 when produced compared to traditional non-stick coatings making it eco-friendly. Some other cookware has materials that produce toxic materials that mix up with food when the pan is heated. Caraway cookware uses ceramic for nonstick coating, and ceramic does not produce harmful chemicals.


There is no doubt this Caraway Cookware is durable. It is designed to last for years. It does not hold on to stains and is scratch-free. Using only wooden or silicone tools can help the nonstick coating last longer. While these pans are tough, they are not indestructible. To make this more durable, one must follow the basic guidelines to use ceramic Cookware. Rapid heat changes or excessive-high heat are not good for this kind of Cookware. Cooling the pan down before submerging it under cold water is suggested to avoid any warping.

Is Caraway Cookware budget-friendly?

Caraway Cookware is a bit on the costly side. But the fact that they are well-made, convenient, and suitable for many purposes makes it worth it. If you have had them for years, you will not need to waste money buying new cookware. Moreover, its stunning looks and the hazardless cooking and cleaning make it something one should have in their kitchen. The looks are bound to get you compliments from everyone. Spending an extra bit of money for safety and toxic-free pans is an intelligent choice.

Storage Included

The fascinating part of Caraway Cookware is the extra storage option that comes with it. Besides pans and pots, it comes with magnetic pan racks and a canvas lid holder. These not only organize the kitchen but also make it look stylish and easy to access. You can hang the canvas on the back of a cabinet door or a wall. The magnetic racks have magnets that can hold on to the pot. If you like, you can also stick them together, depending on the constraints of your cabinets.

Caraway Cookware Pros

  • Nonstick avoids toxic materials like PFOA, PTFE, other PFAs, lead, cadmium.
  • Direct to the consumer makes it less expensive
  • Eco-friendly releases up to 60% less CO2
  • Comes with pan and lid storage solution
  •   Broad choices of colors
  •   Oven safe up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit
  •   Induction, gas, and electric stovetop safe
  •   Modern, sophisticated design
  •   Heats up evenly
  •   Easy to clean, durable

 Caraway Cookware Cons

  • The handle is made of stainless steel. It might heat up while cooking.

What does Caraway Cookware Set Include?

It has amazing deals for people who want to be minimalist. The set offers four pieces that can cover almost all the needs of your kitchen.  

  •   10.5\” Fry Pan
  •   3 QT Sauce Pan w/ Lid
  •   6.5 QT Dutch Oven w/ Lid
  •   4.5 QT Sauté Pan w/ Lid

These are available in different colors. You can mix-match the colors while buying. But if the complete set comes with a storage solution. That includes magnet racks for the pans and pots and canvas for the lids.


Here are some FAQs that might cross your mind.

Question: Are Caraway pans heavy?

Answer: The use of aluminum and stainless steel makes the pans heavy. Though it will be heavy, it will retain heat well.

Question: Do Caraway cookware handles get hot?

Answer: The handles are stainless steel, which does get hot. So pot holders, dish towels, oven mitts should be used to ensure safety.

Question: Are Caraway pans really safe?

Answer: Ceramic is not the main ingredient of ceramic cookware. But rather it is made of metal which is finished off with ceramic coating. Cooking on ceramic is safe and it will not release harmful chemicals even if cooked at high temperatures.

Question: Who owns Caraway Cookware?

Answer: Jonathan Nathan is the founder and CEO.

Question: What utensils should be used on Caraway Cookware?

Answer: To make sure it lasts long, wooden, plastic, silicon utensils that are not harsh can be used.

Question: Is Caraway Cookware safe to use in the oven?

Answer: Yes, it is safe up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Question: Is the Caraway Cookware dishwasher safe?

Answer: No, it is also easy to clean with just soap, water, and a sponge.

Question: Can I use Caraway Cookware on an induction cooker?

Answer: Yes, it is safe and can easily be used on any type of cooktop.

Is Caraway Cookware Actually Worth It?

Caraway lives up to its promises. It is functional, durable, attractive, and made with safe materials. It is a bit overpriced, but it is worth every penny. From looks to the functionality, it aces it all. It works just as well as it looks. To upgrade your dull black and silver kitchen, this can be the best choice. Choose from the various colors and make your kitchen look lively. The only part that needs improvement is the handles. But all those good parts make up for that already.

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