GreenPan Cookware review: Is It Worth Buying?

It doesn’t matter if you are a simple home cook or a professional chef; you need to have non-stick cookware in your kitchen. There is no doubt this makes cooking experiences enjoyable, quick, and easy. Less sticking to the pan, cleaning made easier is a blessing for any cook. So I have listed some of the best-selling models in our GreenPan Cookware review article.

GreenPan ensures to make your non stick cookware journey enjoyable and healthy. They don’t use toxic materials like Teflon that is mainly used in these kinds of cookware. It is a new kind of cookware with a Thermolon ceramic coating on top to make it non stick. They offer a variety of cookware shapes to make you choose the one that you need. 

What is Thermolon Coating?

Thermolon was introduced to the world in 2007. It is the first nonstick made from healthy ceramic, and unlike others, it was not made from plastic. It is basically sand, also known as Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). It is the same particle that glass is made of. The process is called the Sol-Gel process, and it helps to create a Teflon, PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium-free non stick cookware. The Thermolon coating covers the aluminum base and gives a nonstick surface to the cookware. GreenPan made this Thermolon coating cookware a must-have product in the market. 

How was GreenPan Cookware Formed?

Greenpan started its journey in Belgium in 2007 by Wim De Veirman and Jan Helskins. They wanted to create non-toxic, nonstick cookware that soon took over the market. It didn’t happen in a day. The Belgium people had aluminum cookware all piled up in their warehouse. They were more interested in the non stick cookware with Teflon back then. Soon they figured out the harmful properties of PTFE, such as Teflon, and were looking for an alternative.

The founders of GreenPan saw a business opportunity and contacted a Korean company that manufactured a kind of heat-resistant ceramic coating used in industries. They recycled the aluminum cookware coating them with this new non stick coating and started a company that produces safe ceramic-coated non stick cookware. Now GreenPan is an award-winning company that began from Belgium but now spread across New York to China. They provide workplaces for almost 2000 people in China. GreenLife, a famous brand in the U.S, is also their line, including several other well-known brands. They have also obtained an ISO degree for this company. 

Lead and Cadmium Free GreenPan Cookware review 2023

Design and styles

GreenPan has a variety of collections to choose from. The colors and designs vary, but every product is safely coated with Thermolon. As Thermolon can only come in black, grey, and sometimes white or cream, GreenPan Cookware comes in those colors only. The handles could be stainless steel or wooden.  The brand offers cookware in different sizes allowing the customer to have many options. The designs are pretty stylish, and the wooden handle cookware was explicitly designed to give a more rustic look to the kitchen. 

Oven Safe

Most GreenPan Cookware is oven safe, but the safe temperatures may vary. The manufacturer claims that pans can go up to temperatures like 480 degrees Fahrenheit. If the handles are wooden or not metal, they can go up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This quality is one positive side of GreenPan cookware. The Teflon cookware has some properties that get damaged in high heat and have a lower oven-safe temperature. GreenPan non stick cookware is on the safer side of this.

Dishwasher Safe

Using a dishwasher to clean ceramic-coated cookware is not a good idea. The water from the dishwasher reacts with the ceramic and lessens its durability. If the handles are wooden, one must not use a dishwasher to clean them at any cost. It can damage the surface and will be unusable in the long run. Some oil or cooking ingredients can cause carbonization, browning the cookware. In that case, rub some baking soda mixed with water on those places and scrub gently. Wash it off with vinegar, and it will be good as new. 

Is It Safe for Any Stove Tops?

Some of the GreenPan cookware offers induction-safe bottoms, where some don’t. It is recommended to check before putting it to the test. Before using the pans that are safe for induction, you should make sure the induction burner is not too big from the base of your cookware. This can cause some severe damage to the product. But the cookware is safe to use on gas stoves. Just make sure the temperature is not too high.

Heat Retention and Distribution

GreenPan non stick cookware has shown equal heat distribution on the surface. So whether it is steak or eggs, your food will get cooked evenly with no cool spots. The heat retention capability is also pretty good among the GreenPan cookware. After turning off the heat, they still retain heat for five minutes or so. Unlike other cookware, GreenPan non stick cookware doesn’t release harmful chemicals or goes into fumes when high flames are used. However, you can cook on medium to low flame to avoid accidents. GreenPan cookware gets heated quickly, so cooking isn’t necessary unless you need some browning on your seared steak. 

Oil or No Oil

Some people think nonstick cookware doesn’t need any oil to cook on, whereas some like to add oil only for flavor. You should add oil whether the cookware is non stick or not. It will make the cookware long-lasting. A small amount of oil or butter only adds some healthy fat necessary for the human diet. Just make sure the oil or butter you are using doesn’t react and carbonize with the cookware. In that case, you will have to change the oil variety. 

Main Ingredient of Thermolon

Silicon is the natural ingredient used in Thermolon. It can commonly be seen in sand or glass as it comes from silica. Silicone, however, is different. To make silicone, it has to be extracted and then passes through some hydrocarbons. These procedures make it unhealthy and unsafe to use. Some customers get confused over this, but this clears all the doubts. 

It uses Thermolon that has Silicon, a natural ingredient in all of its cookware. GreenPan cookware is thus safe and non-toxic choice for the kitchen. 

Eco Friendly

GreenPan Cookware uses recycled aluminum cookware, coats them with Thermolon ceramic to make them non stick. The manufacturer claims it to be safe and nontoxic. They also claim it creates 60 percent less CO2 than other cookware. However, you cannot recycle the whole cookware after it becomes unusable.  It keeps the environment clean by not producing any pollutants. 


The GreenPan non stick cookware is made of anodized aluminum, which helps to make the cookware long-lasting, scratch-free, and strong. If taken care of, it can last years. To do that, you need to be careful not to use sharp objects like forks or knives that can scratch the non stick surface. It would be best if you avoided metal utensils to prevent damage. Using Silicon, wooden, or plastic utensils is safe if you want to use your cookware for a long time. Otherwise, the nonstick surface can be chipped and ruined. Some GreenPan cookware provides glass lids. Do not submerge hot lids in cold water right after cooking. Sudden changes in heat can damage the lids. Also, before putting GreenPan cookware in the oven, you need to check the temperatures. As the safe temperatures for pans, lids, handles may vary. The coating usually does not peel off or blister in high heat. 

GreenPan 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Ceramic 5 Piece Non-Stick Cookware Set

On GreenPan’s 10th anniversary, they decided to release a new limited edition cookware set that caught everyone’s eye. This 5 piece ceramic coated nonstick cookware set is Thermolon coated like every other GreenPan cookware. Its classy and sophisticated bronze color made it their bestselling range. This set includes –

  • 10\” ceramic non-stick open fry pan,
  • 12\” ceramic non-stick covered fry pan,
  • Bamboo tuner and
  • GreenPan cookbook

Each fry pan is well coated with Thermolon so that there is no metal exposed. This coating makes cooking healthy and convenient. GreenPan cookware is safe to even cook on high flames. It will hardly cause any toxic fumes.


  • Easy to use and has no toxic or persistent pollutants
  • PFOA, PTFA, lead and cadmium free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Heats up evenly and effectively
  • Handles are of stainless steel and give a comfortable grip


  • The handles can get hot while cooking

GreenPan Lima Ceramic Nonstick, 12 Piece Cookware Set

GreenPan cookware has almost everything you need to work comfortably in the kitchen. This cookware set has hard-anodized aluminum but still light weighted, comes in the color grey. It is durable and shows no change in quality even if put in the oven. This popular set consists –

  • 2QT saucepan with lid
  • 5QT casserole with lid
  • 8\” and 9.5\” frypans
  • 2.75QT skillet with lid
  • stainless steel steamer
  • solid bamboo turner
  • slotted bamboo turner
  • bamboo fork

GreenPan supports green as they give bamboo utensils with this set. Using bamboo on this cookware will enhance its durability and save the environment. This cookware set includes all that is needed to cook up a family dinner or a get-together.


  • Tough hard-anodized scratch-resistant body
  • Oven and safe up to 600 degrees F
  • The glass lids are also oven safe up to 425 degrees F
  • PFA, PTFE, lead, and cadmium free
  • Riveted handles made of stainless steel gives a comfortable grip


  •  Not dishwasher safe
  • Not suitable for induction

GreenPan Rio Ceramic Non-Stick 12 Piece Cookware Set

This GreenPan cookware set comes in three attractive colors; they are black, red, and turquoise.  This vibrant cookware set can brighten up any dull kitchen. This cookware set from GreenPan gives you a healthy cooking experience with a durable Thermolon coated nonstick pan. This one is a must-have cookware set for every kitchen. This set includes –

  • 8\” open frypan
  •  9.5\” open frypan
  • 9.5 covered saute pan
  • 1qt covered saucepan
  • 2qt covered saucepan
  • 3qt covered saucepan
  • 5qt covered casserole

This cookware set has multi-sized cookware making it perfect for a family. Either you can give this to someone, or you can keep it to upgrade your kitchen. This cookware set is always worth it for its high quality and durability.


  • Dishwasher and metal utensil safe
  • Diamond reinforced ceramic nonstick
  • PTFE, PFOA, lead, and cadmium free
  • Bakelite handles ensure a good grip
  • The glass lids allow monitoring cooking from outside
  • The nonstick interior makes cleaning hassle-free


  • Not safe for induction 

Is GreenPan Cookware worth your money?

Yes, it is. GreenPan Cookware promises healthy cooking without any harmful chemicals entering your food. It needs less oil and is safe to use in the oven. Purchasing GreenPan gives you good quality, lightweight, easy to handle, and a healthy cooking experience that can make even a beginner’s life easier.

I hope our GreenPan Cookware review article will help you choose the perfect cookware model for your kitchen.

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