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Copper Chef Cookware Review 2024 [Cook On High Heat]

Are you looking for healthy cookware that does not get food stuck on the pan? Then you need to check this award-winning cookware brand named Copper Chef. This cookware has a copper-looking finish with a nonstick surface that has no toxic chemicals. It might look like copper from the outside, but it is aluminum inside. The aluminum base makes sure the heat spreads evenly. Two layers of copper colors have given it a look that matches the original copper look.

It is currently the number one cookware brand in America for its high-quality products, style, performance, and durability. Check out this Copper Chef cookware review and choose one from Copper Chef that will instantly bring a professional look to your kitchen. 

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3 Best Copper Chef Cookware Comparison Chart

Feature / Set Name Copper Chef Set A Copper Chef Set B Copper Chef Set C
Set Contents 10-Piece Set including pans, pots, and lids 6-Piece Set including a deep square pan, fry basket, steamer rack, and cookbook 8-Piece Set including various sized skillets and saucepans
Material Cerami-Tech non-stick coating, stainless steel induction plate Cerami-Tech non-stick coating, heavy-duty aluminum construction Cerami-Tech non-stick coating, durable aluminum core
Special Features Heat resistant up to 850°F, dishwasher safe, PTFE & PFOA free Oven safe up to 800°F, works on all stovetops, dishwasher safe Rapid, even heat distribution, oven safe, ergonomic handles
Price Range Mid to high Affordable Mid-range
Oven Safety Oven-safe up to a certain temperature Oven-safe with heat-resistant handles Oven-safe, suitable for various cooking methods
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty Limited warranty Limited lifetime warranty
User Reviews Generally positive for versatility and ease of cleaning Praised for its deep frying capabilities Known for its durable construction and even heating

Copper Chef Lids

Most of the Copper Chef cookware comes with a tempered glass lid that allows the cook to monitor it from outside. The lid keeps the moisture and flavor of the food intact. Also, some lids have steam vents that let excess steam out to avoid any explosion or food spillage. 

Copper Chef Handles

To complement the copper body, Copper Chef has stainless steel handles. These handles are dual riveted and well secured, which means they will not come loose or cause any accidents. The handles are long and easy to grip and hold. However, they are not heat resistant. Be cautious and keep a potholder close while cooking.

Materials Used in Copper Chef

Don’t let the name or the color fool you. The cookware from Copper Chef is not made of copper. Rather, it has aluminum. Two copper-colored layers cover the aluminum base and make it look like it is copper. The nonstick coating has copper reinforced in it, which makes the nonstick surface transfer heat effectively. Cerami-Tech nonstick coating is quite durable and releases food quite easily. 

Copper Chef Cookware Designs And Styles

The Copper Chef cookware comes with a beautiful, shimmery light-shaded copper color. But as it is not entirely copper, it lacks that elegance and bold style. Nonetheless, this cookware will give the kitchen a lovely look while reminding you how safe it is compared to any other cookware. There is no other color available than this copper-toned one. The designs are basically the same in all of the cookware. 

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Top 3 Durable Non-Stick Copper Chef Cookware Reviews

Now let’s look down here at some specific models of cookware sets from Copper Chef that satisfied customers recommend. We also see what we liked or disliked about them. This way, it will be easier for you to decide which set or single pieces of cookware you need to purchase. We have also added the specifications and materials to guide you throughout the review. 

Copper Chef Cookware 9 Pieces Pots and Pans Set

Copper Chef presents to you an original chef-style collection that uses Cerami-Tech nonstick coating for easy, healthy cooking.  Also, this cookware has an innovative stainless steel induction plate built into which heats up nicely. The copper-toned pieces give them a stylish, chic look to brighten up your kitchen.Copper

This nine-piece cookware set has- 

  • 5.8-quart Casserole Pan with a 10-inch Glass Lid
  • 2.8-quart SaucePan with a Glass Lid
  • 1-quart Sauce Pan
  • 10-inch Round Fry Pan
  • 8-inch Round Fry Pan
  • 9 x 3.5-inch Round Fry Basket 
  • 9-inch Round Steamer Tray Cooking Pans

This cookware set has almost all the necessary items to cook a meal. The fry basket and the steamer are an exclusive addition to this set. Usually, you will not see them in ordinary cookware sets available in the market. 

Things We Like About This Set Of Copper Chef Cookware 

  • Cerami-Tech nonstick coating is PTFE and PFOA-free
  • Stainless steel induction plate to ensure even heating
  • Well-riveted stainless steel handles give a good and secure grip
  • Glass lids have handles on top for an easy firm grip
  • Nonstick exterior helps to make cleaning easy
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe till 850 degrees F

Things We Don’t Like About This Set Of Copper Chef Cookware 

  • Using pot holders as the handle gets hot while cooking on the stovetop

Copper Chef Black Diamond Stack-able Non-Stick Fry Pan 5-piece Set

NBA star Charles Oakley presents this frying pan set from Copper Chef. The black diamond collection of Copper Chef is a new addition to the market. It is precision-engineered with a six-layer construction that ensures durability and strength. The Cerami-Tech nonstick is a 3D diamond reinfused which does not let anything stick to the pan.Copper

The five-piece cookware set comes with- a 9.5-inch Square Grill Pan, 9.5-inch Square Griddle Pan, and 9.5-inch Deep Square Pan. Each comes with 9.5-inch Tempered Glass Lids. These pans are stackable so that you can store them on one another. Stacking them will reduce a lot of storage space, giving you an organized kitchen. 

Advantages of This Set Of Copper Chef Cookware 

  • 3D diamond reinforced Cerami-Tech nonstick coating makes it scratch resistant and durable
  • Stainless steel induction plate helps heat up the pan effectively
  • Suitable for all kinds of stovetops, including induction
  • Six layered construction
  • PTFE, PFOA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe
  • Stainless steel handles are dual riveted and well secured
  • Tempered glass lids have steam vents to let excessive steam out
  • The set comes with an exclusive recipe book from Eric Theiss


  • The handles are not heat resistant

Copper Chef Round 10 Inch Frying Pan With Non-Stick Coating

Copper Chef does not only have cookware sets in their collection. They also have single pieces on sale. If a lot of cookware is already taking up space in your kitchen and you need a specific piece to replace your old one, this is it. This cookware brings you a round frying pan with a nonstick lid that is healthy, durable, and long-lasting. It will not oxidize or tarnish or need occasional seasoning like the traditional copper pans. Copper

 The frying pan has a hole at the end of its handle, so you can hang it for easy storage and access. 

Why Buy this Cookware?

  • It is free from PTFE, PFOA, PFOS and cadmium
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe till 580 degrees F
  • Dual riveted stainless steel handle is well secured
  • The tempered glass helps monitor food from outside
  • Thermal shock resistant technology prevents the lid from shattering 

Why not?

  • The handles get hot while cooking

Related Comparison Table Copper Chef Cookware And Ceramic Cookware

Feature Copper Chef Cookware Ceramic Cookware
Material Composition: Aluminum core, copper-infused ceramic coating Pure ceramic or ceramic-coated metal
Heat Conductivity: High, heats up quickly and evenly Moderate, depends on the base material
Durability: Highly durable with proper care Varies; pure ceramic is fragile, coated is more durable
Non-Stick Capability: Excellent, requires little to no oil Excellent, typically PTFE and PFOA free
Ease of Cleaning: Easy, dishwasher safe Easy, most are dishwasher safe
Price Range: Moderate to high Moderate, varies with quality and brand
Oven-Safe Temperature: Up to 850°F (depending on the model) Generally up to 500°F
Induction Compatibility: Select models Depends on base material
Health Safety PTFE and PFOA free (check for specifics) PTFE and PFOA free, lead and cadmium free (check for specifics)

Some Points To Keep In Mind While Using Copper Chef

  • The handles are not heat resistant so keep potholders and oven mitts close
  • Avoid using metal utensils that can damage the nonstick pans. Switch to wooden, silicone, or nylon utensils for now.
  • Even when Copper Chef is dishwasher safe, the experts recommend washing the pans by hand to prolong their durability
  • Cook on medium-low heat so that the nonstick coating can last longer


Do professional chefs use copper pans? 

Professional chefs prefer using copper pans or aluminum pans that conduct heat effectively. Copper is one of the least toxic materials that has been present in the kitchen for a long time. Chefs prefer to use less toxic cookware.

How to clean Copper Chef pots and pans? 

If you are in a hurry, putting them in the dishwasher is an easy choice. But even if the cookware is dishwasher safe, it can damage it. To prolong the cookware’s life, you need to wash it gently with your hands. But before that, ensure your pan cools down entirely before submerging it in cold water. Sudden temperature changes cause the pan to warp.

What material does Copper Chef use in their cookware?

The cookware base is aluminum coated with Cerami-Tech nonstick coating infused with copper to make the coating durable and long-lasting. It is free from all toxic chemicals like PFOA and PTFE. A magnetic steel plate in the bottom ensures induction compatibility. 

Is the nonstick durable? 

The customer review assures that the nonstick shows good performance in the kitchen. But when it comes to durability, there are doubts. The one downfall of any nonstick cookware is that the nonstick will wear out one day, and food will start to stick to the bottom. Copper Chef is no different. But maintenance can help lengthen the time of usage. 

Final Thought

Copper Chef is one of the top cookware brands in the market. They have been winning both hearts and awards through their well-designed, safe, durable cookware sets. This cookware set from Copper Chef gives a classy vibe to your kitchen with a nonstick quality that is not present in the original copper cookware. They are perfect for any kitchen with any stovetops, even if it is induction. So we hope our Copper Chef cookware reviews will help you get suitable pots and pans for your kitchen. Copper Chef will ease your kitchen experience and ensure you have safe and healthy food. 

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