Lightweight Farberware Cookware Review 2024

If you are searching for an affordable cookware brand with good quality, durability, various designs, and styles, you are at the right place. Farberware Cookware offers you every kind of cookware, from stainless steel to copper ceramic and nonstick cookware, all at affordable prices. Depending on your budget, you can choose from different types and colors and give your kitchen a modern and stylish look. Whether you are just learning to cook, are a student, or are just looking for an upgrade in your kitchen, Farberware has something for everyone. It is safe and PFOA-free. It is cheaper than other famous brands but not low in quality. Good quality aluminum in the making ensures that. The pots are safe for the oven if the temperatures stay up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

How long has Farberware been in business?

Farberware is a company that has been around for almost 100 years. It all started back in the 1900s. The founder, S.W Farber, started in Manhattan with tin and copper cookware, which grew after the 1940s when he introduced steel pans with bonded aluminum. This unique innovation brought the company fame. Meyer Corporation, one of the big cookware distributors in the U.S., has now bought this company. With time, this company earned the trust of its customers and has been providing good quality products nevertheless.

Variation in materials

Farberware has been around for a long time and has created a lineup with many variations in its materials, colors, designs, shapes, and sizes.

So far, we have –

  • Stainless steel cookware
  • Copper ceramic cookware
  • Nonstick cookware

Mainly aluminum is used in the making of cookware. The stainless steel cookware also has three variations. They are the Classic series, High Performance, and the Millennium. The Millennium lineup consists mainly of cookware with a nonstick surface inside and a classy stainless steel body on the outside. The nonstick cookware claims to be PFOA-free. So it can ensure healthy cooking.  Some of them also have DiamondMax, a special coating that works better than regular nonstick coatings.

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Affordable Multi-Colored Farberware Cookware Review

Design, Color, and Styles

Farberware provides variant color and design choices in a decent price range. Some cookware changes the price depending on the color, but Farbarware cookware keeps the costs the same for all the color choices for the same product. So you don’t need to adjust your budget to get the color of your choice this time. The cookware is well designed and eye-catching, like a nonstick casserole pan with a marble-like finish. That will certainly brighten up the look of your kitchen.

Farberware offers sapphire, bronze, champagne, blue, red, silver, black, aqua, and silver. Most of these colors are available in their collections.

Dishwasher Safe

Most of the cookware doesn’t offer a safe dishwasher option. But most of the Farberware cookware seems to be dishwasher safe. But still, be cautious while using the nonstick ones. Please read the labels to make sure they are not damaged. Wash by hand if necessary. If you prefer cleaning the dishes in the dishwasher, you can find several safe cookware for the dishwasher here.

Oven Safe

Most of the Farbarware cookware products are oven-safe but only until 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature higher than that can damage the cookware. Also, make sure the handles are also heat resistant.


Farberware has lids for almost all kinds of cookware. The glass lids are shatter-resistant to avoid accidents in the kitchen.  You can see through the glass cover what is happening inside without letting the heat or steam out. The lids come with knobs that make the lids easier to handle. Almost all of them have a snug-fitting quality to avoid spillages.


The handles manufactured by Farberware are easy to grip; most of them stay cool while cooking. Some have screwed-on handles that ensure safety while cooking. Which means the handle is less likely to fall off. The Millennium stainless steel range offers dual riveted stainless steel handles that keep your hands away from the heat.

Heat distribution

Farberware cookware has even heat distribution on the surface. The bottom has impact-bonded aluminum disks that quickly heat up, but the stainless steel body converts heat slowly. The cooking gets easier and faster with the variety of cookware Farberware provides. You can find sauté pans, frying pans, Dutch ovens, baking trays, and so on, all of which have good heating properties in them. You need to choose one that fulfills your needs in the kitchen.

Comes with Utensils

Some of the Farbarware sets provide utensils with them. Whisk, pasta fork, nylon utensils are there to ensure you do not use metal utensils to damage the cookware. These utensils make the cookware set much more demanding. You can find all the pots and pans that you need in one place. It can be a great item to gift someone because it is highly affordable with good functions.

Safe or Unsafe

Farbarware claims they are PFOA, PTFE, and cadmium-free. So there is no way toxic chemicals can enter the food. Though we are not sure the products are eco-friendly, the cookware should be safe. High heat might cause toxic fumes if left unattended. The handles stay cool, but keeping dishcloths close is still a good idea.


Farberware says they give a lifetime warranty on their products. This statement ensures their cookware quality and their sincerity towards the customers. They will replace items or parts that are defective during the warranty period. Although, they will not fund any replacement for the damages caused by overheating.

Safe for All Stovetops

Farberware cookware is safe for almost every cookware but not an induction cooker. Exceptionally few options may be induction safe, but not all of them. It is safe to check before buying if you only need cookware that supports an induction cooker.

Here are some FAQs

Question: Is there Teflon in Farbarware nonstick coating?

Answer: No. No Teflon is used in the coating to make it nonstick. T is free from PFOAS.

Question: Is Farbarware low-quality cookware?

Answer: No. The comparatively lower price doesn’t mean it is low in quality, too. Manufactured with some good quality aluminum and stainless steel, it is strong and durable and also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Question: Does Farbarware Millennium have nickel in it?

Answer: This cookware is made of pure stainless steel, meaning it has no nickel.

Question: What is the oven-safe temperature for Farbarware cookware?

Answer: The oven-safe temperatures may vary from one product to another. However, the safe temperature is 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Some might have higher than this. Do check before putting it in the oven.

Question: How long can Farbarware pans last?

Answer: Farbarware cookware coated with durable DiamondMAx coating. It should last up to three years or more if it is well taken care of.

Question: Does Farbarware only sell cookware?

Farbarware sells good-quality cookware, kettles, roaster pans, percolators, and bakeware.

Question: Is Farbarware a new brand? 

Answer: No. Farbarware has been serving customers for decades.

Question: Can we use metal utensils on Farbarware?

Answer: Using metal utensils is not recommended. Use non-metallic utensils to avoid chipping and scratching the cookware. Some nylon utensils come with cookware to remind us that using them is a safer option.

Question: How are the nonstick Farbarware cookware sets?

Answer: For example, let’s look at Farberware Nonstick Cookware Set (Part number: 21806), which comes with 15 pieces. This set includes-

  • Two saucepans with lids
  • Two frying pans or skillet with lids
  • Five cooking utensils
  • Dutch oven with lid
  • One bakeware

This cooking set comes in eight different colors to choose from. It is dishwasher-safe, oven-safe, and toxic-free. As it is made of aluminum, it heats up quickly and evenly. The nonstick surface makes it easier to clean. The lid comes with knobs making it easier to grab. The glass lids are helpful for seeing if meals are cooked without letting the moisture or steam out. The handles are dual riveted and cool when touched. The non-metal utensils help increase the durability of the cookware set as there are no ways to scratch the surface now.


  • Non-shatter glass lids come with knobs
  • Handles stay cool
  • Heats up evenly
  • Nonstick, PFOA free
  • It comes with non-metal utensils
  • Has several color options
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • Not induction safe


As you know from our Farberware Cookware Review article, this is one of the most reliable, affordable, long-running companies existing on the market. The wide range of products covers up all the basic needs of cooking in the kitchen. Farbarware has a shatter-resistant glass lid, a nonstick interior, and a classy and sophisticated color range to choose from. If you don’t have enough budget but still want to purchase a durable and long-lasting cookware set, you should go for this.

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