GreenPan vs Greenlife Cookware: Which One Is Better For Your Kitchen?

GreenPan and Greenlife are the brands that provide safe, non-toxic ceramic-coated nonstick cookware. Both brands are not just similar in the name; they also have similarities in looks and features. However, they are similar but not the same. They have different materials and qualities. They come from the same parent company, which makes a lot of things common between them. But if you need to choose one brand to buy from, you have to know the fundamental difference between them. That\’s why we have written this GreenPan vs Greenlife comparison article so that you can choose wisely. The most common differences are among the handles, heat tolerance, and materials.


Although this is about the differences between GreenLife and GreenPan, let\’s talk about some similarities. These two brands have a similar name because they are under the same company named The Cookware Company. The company is Belgium-based, and it took the motto of creating eco-friendly nonstick cookware. Both brands use recycled materials to create the base and natural ceramic coating to make the interior nonstick. Their nonstick coating is called Thermolon, which is basically sand. This coating helps the pans and pots release 60% less CO2 in the atmosphere. Both GreenPan and Greenliife cookware have their cookware manufactured in China.  

GreenPan vs Greenlife: Honest Cookware Sets Comparison 

GreenPan and Greenlife use recycled aluminum as a base for their cookware and then coat it with ceramic to make it nonstick. The process is eco-friendly and safe, unlike the Teflon-coated cookware. 

Let\’s look at GreenPan Rio Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set of 16 pieces and GreenLife Soft Grip Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set of 16 pieces to compare these two brands. These two are the best selling products in the market. They both come in 16 pieces and have different color options.


The handles of GreenPan and GreenLife are heat resistant. The cookware handles comprise Bakelite handles that are soft to touch and easy to grip. They help prevent hands from burning by keeping the handles cool to touch. They both might have the same soft-grip handles, but there is a slight difference in the design. You need a closer look to see that. The lightweight handles help to cook with the cookware quickly. 


The cleaning procedure is almost the same for all nonstick cookware. Greenlife and GreenPan both offer dishwasher-safe cookware but recommends hand washing. Because washing the cookware in the dishwasher can damage the nonstick ability of the cookware. The detergent used in it can harm the surface and make it lose its durability. The manufacturer advises washing the cookware gently with some soap and warm water. Cleaning this cookware is easy as they hardly have anything that gets stuck on the cookware\’s surface.

Sizes, Pieces, Lids, and Designs

The sizes of GreenPan and Greenlife are almost alike. Also, the designs are close too. That is why people find it harder to differentiate between these two brands. There is just a  slight amount of difference when it comes to GreenPan and Greenlife.

Both of the brands come in different colors. But in this case, we see GreenPan offer three color choices and Greenlife offering seven. GreenPan is the one cookware focused on the performance and modern look. Greenlife is the \’fun\’ one. The variety of colors and playful exteriors are not present in GreenPan. 

GreenPan Rio and Greenlife soft-grip come with a 16 piece cookware set that covers almost everything one needs in a kitchen. They added utensils in their collections while GreenPan has bamboo utensils, Greenlife gives nylon ones. The lids are made of glass and have a knob on them for a secured grip. 


There are two kinds of aluminum used in Greenlife cookware sets; standard and hard anodized aluminum. Greenlife Classic collection is the only collection that has hard-anodized aluminum used in it. It makes the cookware more durable, heat conductive, and corrosion-resistant. 
GreenPan, on the other hand, has more varieties here. They offer standard, hard anodized, and also full-clad stainless steel cookware. GreenPan Venice Pro collection has such high-quality stainless steel cookware that it competes with many premium brands in the market. 

Nonstick Coating

Both GreenPan and Greenlife have used a nonstick coating named Thermolon on their cookware. It is a sand-based material free from all toxic materials like PTFE, PFOA, lead, and cadmium. It does not release any harmful particles into the food. GreenPan was the first to introduce this to the market that challenged and replaced Teflon, a popular nonstick coating back then. 

While GreenPan and Greenlife both use the same coating, GreenPan thought to take it one step further. GreenPan brought out Minerals pro and Diamond advanced versions to the market. These cookware sets had the same old Thermolon coating but were infused with diamond or other quartz to make them more high quality and long-lasting.

Induction Compatibility

There are fewer versions of Greenlife that offer induction compatibility. The only collection that has induction compatibility mentioned is the Greenlife Soft Grip Induction collection.  The 15 pieces cookware set does not come in single pieces. So, to buy induction-compatible cookware from Greenlife, you need to purchase the whole 15 parts set.  

GreenPan has many other collections that support induction cooking. All the stainless steel collections, Valencia Pro, Kitchen Stories, and SmartShape offer induction compatibility. The magneto induction base used in both GreenPan and Greenlife makes it induction friendly. 

Heat Tolerance

Some cooking requires a high temperature to cook properly. Before using any cookware, you must know if the cookware can tolerate high heat or not. The stainless steel cookware can work on high heat without any damages. GreenPan and Greenlife also have heat tolerance but to a safe extent. The aluminum body converts heat evenly and quickly. Greenlife can tolerate up to 350 degrees F, and GreenPan goes higher to 420 degrees F safely. 

Oven Safe Temperature

The safe oven temperature varies in different cookware. GreenPan put special care on its cookware to make it oven safe. However, the temperature changes in various collections.  GreenPan Rio and Greenlife soft-grip both have the same oven temperatures. They are safe for the oven up to 350 degrees F.  

GreenPan\’s other cookware collections like Valencia Pro and a few other cookware are safe to go up to 600 degrees F. The hard anodized collection is oven safe till 400 degrees F. 

Most handles of Greenlife cookware are Bakelite. So they cannot go for higher temperatures without melting the handle. But the Greenlife classic pro is exclusively safe till 600 degrees F. Usually, the temperature is always lower than 320 degrees F.


So Greenpan vs Greenlife pans: Which model comes with a reasonable price? Both have almost the same qualities, features, and also the same amount of pieces. But the prices are not the same. Where Greenlife is offering about a hundred dollars, GreenPan is asking for more than that. GreenPan is always a bit on the pricier side. Greenlife is perfect for all budget-friendly purchases. 

GreenPan or Greenlife Cookware?

If you already heard about GreenPan and Greenlife, it means that you are looking for a healthy, non-toxic cookware option.  These two cookware brands are free from PTFE, PFOA, lead, and cadmium. Also, Greenlife gives an exotic, fun vibe through its collections. The vibrant color options can upgrade your kitchen without any fuss. It comes at affordable prices so that anyone can buy fancy cookware for their kitchen. GreenPan has more varieties to choose from. It is a bit pricey than Greenlife, but the quality is also better. If one needs a more durable, high-quality professional cookware set, GreenPan would be a good choice. The variety in materials and modern looks will fulfill all the needs. 

Final Thought on Greenlife vs Greenpan Cookware Sets

Whether you choose GreenPan or Greenlife, you will get safe cookware and a healthy cooking experience. The differences are not many between them, but if you notice carefully, you might find some. As a beginner, Greenlife is a good choice. Its comfortable grip, affordable price, and stylish designs make it easy for beginners. Also, the Greeppan has better heat control that offers the chief a heavy-duty cooking experience.

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